NKU Recycling Program

The Northern Kentucky University (NKU) recycling program, overseen by operations and maintenance assists the campus community with developing and implementing waste prevention and recycling programs. Having a positive impact on campus through quality service and encouraging waste reduction and recycling, is our main priority.

Our staff collects office paper, newspaper, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic bottles (no. 1 and 2) and cardboard from educational and administrative buildings, residence halls and apartment complexes. These materials are then recycled at the Rumpke Recycling Material Recovery Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have an industrial shredder capable of bulk shredding (learn more) and a staff conduct special collections for surplus property and computers. Surplus items are either recycled or put in storage for distribution to NKU departments or non-profit organizations.

Waste prevention tips:

  • Wash and reuse plastic utensils
  • Buy used instead of new
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Donate reusable items to charities
  • Print/copy on both sides of paper
  • More tips....